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After delivering Tour Odéon, Groupe Marzocco is launching anew large-scale project: Testimonio II. On the last remaining large-scale buildingplot in the Principality, stretching gently down from Boulevard d’Italie toAvenue Princesse-Grace, Testimonio II will be a mix of apartments, parking, akindergarten, and a school. It is both a new challenge for the Groupe – oneinvolving exceptional partners – and proof of its vitality. Construction willbegin in the second quarter of 2017, with project delivery scheduled in 2022.

With a footprint of 9,755m2, the Testimonio II projectincludes 150 housing units in a 25-storey tower, 49 private apartments, 1,100car-parking spaces, a 50-place kindergarten, the 700-student InternationalSchool of Monaco, currently housed in cramped premises on Quai Antoine I.

After Groupe Marzocco won the competition for the projectorganized by the Principality in 2013, it teamed up with Vinci Immobilier andVinci Construction to work on the construction alongside SATRI, as well as withinterior designer Alexandre Giraldi and Arquitectonica. This team, some of whomworked together on the Tour Odéon project, will be joined by interior designerLaura Sessa, whose “soft chic” chimes perfectly with the timeless feeling sodear to Groupe Marzocco.

For Testimonio II, the Groupe Marzocco brings together allits skills: upstream design, project management, construction and marketing.All with one desire: once again, perform even better while respecting our humanvalues and high quality standards. A wonderful challenge, which will beperfectly integrated into the Monaco cityscape.

27 december 2019
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